Hopefully 2022 will be a year without any lockdowns, but in the meantime .....

If you are wanting a stall, please click HERE

We are giving priority to those living in the Bays and those of you putting your skills to making your own products. 

We are open every Sunday, except for public holidays (ie Easter Sunday) and two weeks after Christmas.

Firstly, thank you for your support since Covid first impacted the market. It has not been easy for any of us, but are now in the position where outdoor markets are now clearly defined. We are fortunate in that we have less restrictions than we were previously looking at


We have been working behind the scenes to open the market at all three traffic light codes, while providing a safe environment for everyone. To minimise the risks, the Browns Bay Market Charitable Trust will operate within the rules as outlined by the Government.


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My Vaccine Pass

Because we are an outdoor market, we are not planning to operate under the My Vaccine Pass guidelines.


This means there may be people, both stallholders and visitors, at the market who are not vaccinated against Covid 19, but no more than at the supermarket or the beach.


We  encourage everyone attending the market to be either vaccinated or have returned a negative Covid test at least 72 hrs before the attending the market. The volunteers helping to manage the market are all vaccinated.  


Social Distancing

In levels Red and Orange, everyone is to maintain a 1m distance from anyone who is not in their bubble.



Masks are mandatory for everyone in levels Red and Orange and will be encouraged in Green. If you have an official exemption, this must be displayed at all times.

QR codes

Everyone attending the market must scan in using the markets official QR code, located at the entrances. All stallholders are encouraged to get their own QR codes (click here) or have their own manual register. There will also be a manual register at the management van. 


All stallholders are requested to provide sanitiser for your customers to use.

Here are the official links, which we are operating under. These are updated frequently.

Official guidelines

Shopping at Red

Shopping at Orange

Shopping at Green 

Please feel free to email us on admin@brownsbaymarket.co.nz if you have any questions.