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Fundraising? You can make and sell the following

Cakes  -  Cupcakes  -  Muffins  -  Preserves (ie: jams and pickles)  -  Fudge, etc  -  Dog Treats

These must be homemade and be packaged and displayed in the quantity you intend to sell them in.


It is important that bugs cannot get to the food and also that the food does not dry out. This means you need to individually wrap them up and provide shade, especially if it is warm.  Food wrap is perfect for cakes and cellophane bags for cupcakes or muffins as they can be seen.

It is good to have samples for people to try, so have tooth picks or ice cream sticks and something for them to put them into when they have finished.

Please do not bring to the market, commercially made food, food either prepared or cooked on or off site or food designed to be eaten at the market.

Council food handling regulations still apply. Visit the council website here. Look under "Good Safety Procedures" half way down the page.

We are a second hand market and while the public do not come down expecting to buy cakes, etc, they will support you though as long as you wear your uniform and clearly show what you are raising money for. This shows that you are representing your school, sports club or

charity and not simply selling cakes to pay for your next iPad or holiday.

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While you may be tempted to charge as much as you can for your product, think about the context of the market. It is a second hand and boot sale venue. Customers are looking for a bargain and do not expect to pay premium prices.


Exceptional quality, great presentation or must have items can be priced higher - what is it that makes your product worth more. Price appropriately.

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