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SORRY - We are limiting food stalls.


We are a craft and pre-loved market, so we are a destination to buy interesting things. We have three cafes bordering the market and two more within one minute walk providing ample choices for eat on site food and drinks The same applies to fruit and vegetables. We have two fruit and vegetable shops, as well as two supermarkets bordering the market. Combine that with the fruit and vegetable stall's who are at the market 48 weeks of the year and we are providing more than enough options.


If any stallholders leave, we have no intention at this stage to replacing them.

If you wish to sell takeaway foods or bottled items, please apply to to see if we have a space available as we do have a fixed number of food stalls. We will determine if the style of food will fit into our mix.  You will need an A grade food licence, fire extinguisher and a 120L wheelie bin.


The cost is $40.00 per single car park sized site.


What is food?

  • food cooked at the market              
  • fruit & vegetable                       

  • honey

  • eggs

  • food prepared offsite to be eaten at the market              
  • pre-packaged foods (inc cheese, meat and fish)

  • seasonal food or produce.

  • food made or assembled at the market, such as designer sandwiches, filled rolls, etc.

But mine is different? Refer above


Fundraisers and College Business Studies may sell specific food items on approval. See Fundraising or College Business Studies


NOTE: We are not intending to replace current food sellers if they leave.


If you are wishing to sell food as a fundraiser or an existing food vendor, you will need approval from us first and will be required to follow the regulations outlined below.


Auckland Council Food regulations .

Ministry of Primary Industries



Food stall holders are required under council regulations to provide a suitable rubbish receptacle for clients. (60ltr bin or bag usually)


Food stall holders must provide a rubbish bin for market patrons use and take the rubbish with them when they leave the market.'


As customers move between stalls they will deposit rubbish from other stalls in your bin. Do not get upset, because where does your customers rubbish end up? In other stall holders rubbish bins.

Food 1
Gas cookers

If you are using a gas cooker or BBQ, you need to provide an extinguisher suitable for a class C and F fire. This will be either a BE dry powder (black band) or a wet chemical (beige band) fire extinguisher or a fire blanket, as a minimum. If you are boiling water only, a white band (ABE powder) extinguisher is OK.



For further details, click here.

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