Please get your teacher to contact us to make your experience more successful. We will reserve sites if the request comes through your teacher. It makes our planning easier and it is easier to deal with one person per school.

We have had business studies join us for a number of years and we have learnt what works and what doesn't.

We want you to have a good time, so it is worth your while following these steps.


  • Get your teacher to contact us with a list of who are coming (inc contact name and number), what days and what you are selling.

  • We will endeavour to contact your teacher the Thursday prior, with your allocated site number. If things change, we will txt the team leader.

  • Remember your site number and arrive as a group and we will show you where your site is. We don't know everyone's names in your group, so please don't ask where their site is.

  • You can sell any items you have made.

  • You can sell homemade food that is designed to be eaten away from the market. Click here.

  • Due to past experience, cooking on-site or preparing food on-site is not allowed, this means no sausage sizzles, etc. 

  • Wear your school uniform and have a poster or banner saying which school you are from and where the funds are going. The pubic will support you.


General Pointers

Think about what you want to sell.

Visit the market and see what is selling and what isn't being sold. There are some opportunities for those who think outside the box.

Many students want to sell food because it is easy. Be aware, there is also high wastage and costs in packaging, etc. If you make crafts, then they can be sold later or given away as gifts. 


Please ask your parents not to leave their cars in the market while they help you set up. They are stopping us doing our job.

Parents do come up with some good ideas about how we should run the market, but at 5.30am in the morning, we are too busy too take these on board. 

Your rubbish

Like when you visit Long Bay, you must take everything away with you when you leave and this does not mean putting it in the local rubbish bins. We have contacted schools in the past because students did not take their rubbish home. The bins at the market are for the public, not stallholders.

Coastguard volunteers

The people setting up and running the market are all volunteers with Coastguard North Shore and we use the site fees to help run our dedicated rescue vessel, North Shore Rescue. If you are interested visit our website here.


We also fund projects in the local community, such as the Sherwood Reserve playground, sun shades at Waiake and the seats in the Phoenix Plaza.

Like you, we are also up early, so we can help each other, it would be awesome.


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