Thank you for wanting to support our fundraising efforts for Coastguard North Shore and local projects.


We are a market for pre loved and hand crafted products.

We are no longer accepting any of the following stalls, as these are already covered by regular stallholders. Please respect these and avoid being turned away at the market entrance.

  1. No commercially prepared or cooked on site food. For further information, click here.

  2. Seasonal fruit and vegetables.

  3. Drinks including coffee.

  4. Honey.

  5. Any items designed for smoking in any form, including electronic vapor and illegal substances.

  6. Crystals.

  7. Commercially made items from either overseas or local manufacturers.

  8. Stock clearance.

General information

  • Firstly, we are open rain or shine. There are no cancellations. If you start selling, we will ask for your site fee. If you are not sure about the weather, please do not start selling. 

  • Entry is by Bays Flowers on ANZAC Road.

  • We are now on winter hours, so setup is between 6.00am - 7.00am. 

  • You will be shown your site by one of the Coastguard North Shore volunteers.

  • One site per person only. You may like to consider leaving your car elsewhere to maximise the space you have available.

  • Site fees will be collected soon after arrival.

  • Gazebo's can be no bigger than 2.5m x 2.5m.

  • Tables are available for hire from $10.00. Available on a first come, first served basis from 6:00am.

  • You must take all unsold items and rubbish home with you. Please do not dump anything at the local op shops.

  • The speed limit within the market is 5kph. Please exercise caution as there will be people walking around.

You are one of many stall holders and we all want to enjoy the day. Please show respect for each other.

There are some regular stall holders who attend the market every week and have done for over ten years and we do hold their sites.

They arrive, in most cases, before the casual stall holders and they are obliged to advise us if they are not attending.

We are no longer accepting any more regular stall holders to ensure the market has new items every week.

The operator of the market is the Browns Bay Market Charitable Trust and reserves the right to refuse entry and remove any stall holder who is not trading in the spirit of the market, the law or any reason as they see fit, without prejudice.


There are two options for having a stall.

Reserved area. Secure a site for in the middle row of the market. Spaces are limited so you need to apply before 5:00pm Saturday.

  • Due to the location, you are unable to leave before the market ends at midday.

  • Cost is $20.00 per standard car park site, collected before 7:00am.

  • First option on any corner sites ($30.00) that may become available due to a cancellation by a regular stall holder.

To register for a site, we do ask for the following

  • contact phone number,

  • what day you wish to attend,

  • what you intend to sell,

  • confirm you have read and understood the information and terms above.

General Admission.

  • Cost $20.00, collected before 7:00am or on arrival if applicable.

  • Single sites only.

  • No corner sites.

  • Understand what you can't sell?