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We welcome fundraisers​ and we have some rules to give every group the chance of raising some money.


It is unfortunate that we have had some stallholders who feel it is OK to simply say they are fundraising, with no evidence of them actually doing so. Anyone can print an A4 sign at home.

Fundraising can be defined to engage in the organised activity of raising funds to support a cause, campaign, etc, with no personal financial benefit.

Who qualifies?

  • The funds raised are for a common project for either a sports club, school or similar. This includes new equipment, trips, etc.

  • The funds are going to a registered charity. ie: SPCA, Starship, Coastguard, etc.

  • An individual who is representing New Zealand overseas.

  • We may ask for a letter from the charity or organisation as evidence.

​Are you or your company a commercial fundraiser being paid or taking a commission from the entity you are fundraising for?

  • Sorry, as the market is run by volunteers who give up their time every Sunday morning from 5.00am, commercial fundraising is against the ethos of the market and our goals. As such you do not qualify for the benefits a volunteer fundraising group enjoy.

How much does a fundraiser pay?

  • The site fee is a nominal $15.00.

What must I display?

  • Promotional material from the charity.

  • Sports club or school banner, flag etc.

  • A sign explaining what you are fundraising for. It must be highly visible and easily seen, so there is no doubt to the public whatsoever.

  • Wear your uniform.

Can I do a sausage sizzle?

  • Sorry, any cooking on-site is no longer allowed as there are enough food offerings in and around the market.

How about a cake stall or other home made food designed to be eaten later?

We are running a raffle, can we bring along a trailer with the prizes to show the public?

  • Sure no problem, but please contact us first. Click here.

How many times can we attend?

  • A total of six times a year, otherwise we may charge the normal site rate. We may also ask for evidence that a charity or group has received the funds raised if you are a visitor more than six times a year.

Can I just turn up?

  • You can, but you may get turned away because we are full or worse, other fundraisers are there and you won't raise as much.  We do have a site with easy access, we use for fundraisers. Take five minutes and contact us via e-mail to see if it is available. We do not accept block bookings. Click here.

Other terms and conditions are the same as for a standard stallholder.

The market ends at midday. You need to vacate the area by 12.30pm and ensure all rubbish is removed.

You are quite welcome to bring your own gazebo, but they cannot be bigger than 2.5 x 2.5m.

Feel free to contact us if you need to know something else.

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