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Fundraising for Sports Teams.

We appreciate the need to fundraise for your up coming trip, so come along but take five minutes to contact us so we agree on a date.


There is little point in coming along if another group are fundraising as it will lower your chances of having a profitable day.


There are some basic requirements, which include wearing your uniform, clearly state which club you are from and what you are raising funds for. An A4 laminated sheet not count.

Stalls for the purpose of fundraising are charged a nominal $5.00 per stall fee up to 2 weeks in any month or a total of 6 weeks per year. After this full site fees ($20.00) will be charged.


There are no bookings, so all you need to do is arrive at the main entrance on Anzac Road from 5.30am on the agreed day. You will be assigned a site by the marshals. There is no guarantee space will be available, so consider having one person arrive early to secure a site.


The market ends at midday. You need to vacate the area by 12.30pm and ensure all rubbish is removed.


There are tables available for hire for $10.00 and $5.00, which are available on a first come, first served basis. Just ask the marshal when you arrive. You are quite welcome to bring your own gazebo, but they cannot be bigger than 2.5 x 2.5m.

You can sell food


You can sell the following.

-  Cakes          -  Cupcakes         -  Muffins         -  Preserves, jams amd pickles.


Regulations still apply. Click here for details.

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