Please note, we are firstly a second hand market, so if you want to clear out your house, we are the market for you.

We are secondly, a craft market, so if you made it with your own hands, come along, but click here first.

Do you want to do a fundraiser for another registered charity, sports club or school? click here.


We are open every Sunday, except Easter Sunday, ANZAC Day (if on a Sunday) and two weeks after Christmas.

Below are our guidelines. Please do not ask for exceptions as refusal may offend.

Quick guide to the market. 

  • The market setup starts at 5.30am with the entry by Bay Flowers on Anzac Road. 

  • We do not take bookings and sites will be filled on a first in basis (see note below). We do not guarantee sites will be available on any one day

  • Standard site costs $20.00, corner and parallel sites $25.00. Only single sites are available between 1st November and 31st March. If you feel you need more space, consider leaving your car on the street,

  • You will be directed to your site by a Coastguard volunteer.

  • Tables are available from $10.00.  Available on a first served basis.

  • Gazebos are no longer available for hire. You can bring your own, but they cannot be bigger than 2.5m x 2.5m in size.

  • Depending on how busy we are, we may ask for the stall fees to be paid at the entrance.


Due to the smaller market, the market is now closed to any more of the following, even if it is for one week only.


  • Permanent stallholders of any description.

  • Pop up type stalls. You want to sell a single type of product while in season or in commercial quantities.

  • Fruit and vegetable stalls, including seasonal. If any current fruit and veg stalls leave, they will not be replaced.

  • Fresh cut flowers and plants. If it is planted in soil or a medium, it is a plant. If it looks like a flower, we call it a flower.

  • Live animals of any description.

  • Pet supplies.

  • Coffee vans.

  • Any items designed for smoking in any form, including electronic vapour and illegal substances.

  • Offensive weapons, guns, air rifles, etc.

  • Commercially made items from either overseas or local, regardless of the product. Items include the likes of socks, linen, factory seconds, surplus stock, stationary or anything that can be purchased new at a retail outlet.

  • What is commercial?

    • Did another company make the product?

    • Are they new?

    • Will the person who buys your product be the first to use it?

    • Do you have a website or sell through retail outlets?

    • Are they in their original packaging?

    • Do you have quantities that suggest they are stock clearance items? Four or more identical products.

  • If you answered Yes to any of the above, according to our criteria, you are selling commercially made items or are a commercial operator, so please respect our market by not asking for an exception to join us.


Please note: We have regulars who come to the market every week, regardless of the weather. They are the backbone of the market and we will hold their sites. They usually arrive before casuals and do advise us if they are not coming.

updated 20th May

Browns Bay Sunday Market will remain closed

until further notice.

While we are under level 2, we need to maintain a maximum of 100 visitors, hold a register and control 2m social distancing.


Stallholders will be required to have sanitiser on their stall and also demonstrate social distancing.


As we have six entrances, we would need to fence the market area and create a sole entrance

It is a logistical and compliance nightmare and we ask for your patience until either the restrictions are eased further, or we move to level 1. 


On behalf of Coastguard North Shore and the Browns Bay Market Charitable Trust, we look forward, once the virus is under control, to reopen the best second hand market in Auckland.




Manager  c: 0274 823 455

Please be kind to those setting up the market. We are all volunteers of Coastguard North Shore simply wanting to raise money to keep us operational 24/7. In fact, we may have been on the water helping "Save Lives at Sea" prior to coming to the market.

Do you want to  donate to Coastguard North Shore to help us Save Lives at Sea 24/7.

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